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Melissa started me on my path to awareness and self-love after my separation took me for a spin. I was left feeling lost in a dark hole, alone, afraid, unsure, defeated.....the list went on. Deep inside I knew something had to give; there was more to what I was living in at that present moment. However, I felt I had nowhere to go, and no one to talk to. Alcohol and other things helped me cope, but this was not the way I wanted to live or raise my daughter. I was running on empty and trying to produce at 100%.

Having someone I could completely open up to, confine in and trust was the first step. I felt relief, and began to understand that I had an open road ahead of me which was going to take a lot of courage and a lot of support. Through the support of Melissa, I learned to trust in myself, and also learned that it is okay to ask for help. Support came to me in ways I could never imagine. Doors opened up and I learned to no longer be afraid of what I was feeling. Emotions are really something to embrace, not run from. I am learning who my true self is and I am continuing to do so. My journey has no destination. My journey is full of love, stories, support, and truth. I am so grateful to have Deep Soul Diving in my life. xoxo

Marlee Nygard, Port Coquitlam, BC

Melissa is a truly refreshing blend of scientific expertise, yoga wisdom, and effective encouragement - all mixed with a fabulous sense of humour! In short order, she very strategically helps to identify and declutter what is draining your energy, assists you to find your own center and calm, and creatively supports you to streamline yourself towards preferred ways of being and feeling. Essentially, Melissa takes in your holistic well-being, your goals and dreams, and then effectively collaborates with you to manifest living life as you truly hope to live. Melissa is an energetic and committed ally. It's always wonderful to connect with, and be inspired by, her curiosity and depth of knowledge!!!


Elaine Connolly, MA, RCC, BC,

If you are looking for a coach who can hold a deep space, look no further.  Melissa's depth of experience and advanced understanding of personal development makes her unmatched in her skills. She has worked and trained with me for years, but came to her training with an incredibly broad understanding of the process of personal growth.

Her heightened understanding of the work means training her is a collaborative, creative experience that teaches me as much as it does her.

Melissa specializes in deep inquiry of self for emotional and spiritual expansion, targeted growth for actualized change, and transitional coaching. Basically, she can coach you through transitions in your life, career, and relationship, spiritual awakenings and challenges, and most importantly she can guide you to making new choices in old patterns of behaviour.

Melissa has successfully reached a level where she can confidently guide others in their journeys. So, if you are looking for a special, deeply conscious coach, you have found her.


Ann Sullivan, BFA, Master Coach and Educator at BlissFlow Coaching,