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I offer Holistic Life Coaching services that expand awareness, to allow us to make new choices that recreate and transform us from the inside out.

By taking radical responsibility for your health, choices and actions, you empower yourself and get back into the driver's seat of your own life.

By working with me, you will achieve greater health & well-being, balance, personal empowerment, self-acceptance, self-love, confidence, focus, motivation, self-leadership, tools & life practices, authenticity, peace & a deeper connection with yourself & others. When you love, nurture & step into your power, your whole world shifts.

My mission is to inspire, guide, support & empower others on their deep healing, recovery & personal development journey, as they work to achieve their goals & highest potential in health & life. My vision is for us to heal, transcend and grow; to conquer our fears, embrace our unique brilliance, master our energy & live from our hearts. Real change IS possible.

Together we can find opportunities in everything; the silver lining in every cloud. Our greatest hurdle can become our brilliance, our liabilities our assets, if we courageously accept the challenge & run the course!

Areas of interest to my clients include:

Recovery (Dependency, Destructive Behaviour, Heartbreak), Healing Journey, Holistic Health & Natural Health Lifestyle, Empowerment, Authenticity, Transitions, Boundaries, Organization, Fitness & Nutrition, Patterns & Habits, Self-Esteem, Resilience, Relationships, Conscious Communication, Emotional Sobriety, Responsibility, Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Spiritual Awakening & Development, Personal Expression, Purpose Detoxification & Clearing (Holistic)

I work with you from a place of deep respect, empathy, compassion & confidentiality. Judgement is replaced by a spirit of open inquiry & appreciation of your experience.

I am known for my breadth of experience ranging from health & healing to personal development, human potential & our relationships with ourselves, others and nature. I have an interest in Vibrational Energy Medicine and use my understanding of energy management to bring ourselves into vibrational balance with our environment & each other. I blend ancient wisdom with leading-edge techniques & knowledge and share these with others. During this time of great change on our evolving planet, a holistic, systems thinking approach is essential to our balance. The integrity of the web is only as strong as the weakest strand.

I am known by my ability to hold a deep, compassionate and sacred space for people. I am powerfully centered in myself, allowing me to work with "big expressors" or "intense" people who need to be received as themselves, UNDILUTED. On the other hand, my empathic sensitivity serves those whose deeper feelings may be yet untapped or unexpressed.

Please note, coaching is not intended to replace other therapies or primary help for people with serious mental or physical health issues. I am not a Registered Clinical Counsellor or psychotherapist; I focus on your strengths, purpose, goals & vision. Coaching is a unique personal development modality that is fluid and custom to each client. Many people receive healing & therapeutic benefits, however. The coach approach of 'moving forward' & courageosly confronting your blocks head-on, results in amazing breakthroughs!

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