Your Diving Coach

Melissa K. Kozma, BSc.

Intuitve Holistic Life Coach

Melissa officially started her practice in 2012 after training with Master Life Coach Ann Sullivan of BlissFlow Coaching, with whom she has mentored with for many years. Both Ann and Melissa carry forward the unique lineage started by Universal Energy Coach Janice Smith, who sadly passed too soon in April 2014. Although each of the women have their own approaches, they share in a specialized style of coaching that is intuitive, empathic and multi-dimensional.

Melissa received her BSc. at Simon Fraser University & her Sustainable Energy Management Associate Certificate from BCIT. Her education in energy, environment & toxicology opened doors to her initial career path in research, chemistry, consulting & business administration. Her foundation is enriched by her extensive experience in natural health & nutrition, fitness, yoga, spirituality, personal development, human energy management, Earth changes, vibrational medicine, psychology, mental health, consciousness, literature and cooking. Her interest in leading-edge thinkers and the current challenges facing humanity today, lends to her mission. She feels that our personal health & openness in our hearts, which connects us to each other & our natural environment (both spiritually and scientifically) is the critical & oft-overlooked piece in many current global sustainability efforts.

Melissa's coaching practice is a natural evolution of her own personal, deep healing journey of the past 10 years. She has transformed her health, body, relationships, wellbeing, fitness & lifestyle 180 degrees. She has healed & recovered from difficult health challenges, including early-life trauma, depression and anxiety, and walked through her own 'dark night of the soul', always with this committment to herself: Never turn back, never give up, just keep moving forward, no matter what. This journey of soul has been one of healing her own heart at it's core. She wants to help others achieve their own transformations & surprise themselves with what they currently may think is possible.

Melissa's high sensitivity, empathy, intuition, depth, strength & personal experience give her the powerful presence & awareness to hold a compassionate, deep space for others. She is passionate about helping others improve their health, navigate their healing process, connect to their truth, and cultivate changes in their lives. Her coaching style combines both the practical and unseen, the facts and the mystery. She emphasizes groundedness, common sense and discipline. Her priority is clear, connective communication with her clients (neither too technical, esoteric or "woo") to develop practical and achievable actions and life practices. She customizes  her approach to each clients' unique process & goals, always with the vision heading towards our highest health potential.